A Dispatch from our French Connection, Michael Norris


Photos taken by Michael Norris at the RimbaudMania exhibit in the Marais quarter of Paris, France: A sketch of Rimbaud by Picasso, a poster for the event, merchandise

 The following is from an email sent to me by Michael Norris:

I just finished working for the Census, and I am going to France for three weeks thanks to free airline miles that I have accumulated. When I return I will kick out the jams on translating Tamper.

 It’s been a strange year so far – I worked on tax preparation and the Census, and both jobs were 7 days a week. I made some money, but now I need a break. I have an interview with a language school in Paris that does teaching over the internet. If I can hook up with them, I could stay in Chicago and teach all over. That would be a good deal, depending on the pay. 

BTW – I’m reading Ulysses. I struggled with it when I was in college, but now it’s not bad. I think I lacked life experience when I first encountered it. 

Yesterday I went to an exhibition in the Marais called Rimbaudmania”. It had everything: the poet’s letters, copies of books, films made about Rimbaud, and spoken word recordings. It covered the sublime – various existing photos of the young Rimbaud and a sketch by Picasso – to the ridiculous – would you believe thong underwear that say, “I Love Rimbaud” on the crotch! Rimbaud continues as icon for both high and low culture.

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