Peering Behind Childhood’s Curtain: Eric Lehman Reviews Kerouac’s “Dr. Sax”

University of Bridgeport English Professor Eric D. Lehman reviews Jack Kerouac’s Dr. Sax on Empty Mirror Books:

“Dr. Sax is one of Jack Kerouac’s most troubling books for readers, peering behind the curtain of his childhood rather than exploring those later years of Beats and bodhisattvas. Nevertheless, it remains a startling achievement, unique not only among Kerouac’s works, but among those books that it seems to mirror. It is primarily a book about growing up, similar to such European classics as Alain Fournier’s Le Grand Meaulnes, Hermann Hesse’s Demian, or Jean Giono’s Blue Boy. These books all explore the “magic” of youth by allowing adult readers to see through the eyes of children again, when the magic was real.”

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