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Some of you know I like to lose myself in arcane archives, looking for unexplained mysteries and secret histories. Enter Shavertron, a website created by Richard Toronto, and a major influence on my novel-in-progress, Tamper.

The following is a direct quote from one of Mr. Toronto’s many editorials:

The original Shavertron was a fanzine devoted to the Shaver Mystery and the life and times of Richard Sharpe Shaver and his editor, Ray Palmer. This leaves the playing field wide open since the Shaver Mystery is rife with UFOs,  a race of evil weirdos living inside the earth,   mind control, a high-tech Elder Race pre-dating our history, abductions, conspiracies and, of course, the sci-fi pulp zine scene of the late 1940s.

“The ‘mystery” began in a 1945 issue of AMAZING STORIES magazine with an article titled “A Warning to Future Man.” Editor Ray Palmer and writer Richard Shaver collaborated from there to bring Shaver’s unusual cosmology into the world of sci-fi pulp zine literature.

The Shaver Mystery gasped its last breath when Shaver and Palmer died within two years of each other in the mid-1970s. We stopped publishing Shavertron in 1992 since most Shaver Mystery readers were gone (mostly dead) with few leftovers to take their place.

Writers like Jim Pobst, Brian Tucker, Doug Skinner, Tal, Timothy Greene (Mr. UFO) Beckley , Mary Martin (The Hollow Hassle), Branton, Bill Bliss and Gene Steinberg did what they could to keep the Mystery going.

The scene eventually merged with water cooler chit-chat about UFOs, abductions and government conspiracies, all of which were a big part of the Shaver Mystery. Back in 1947, the Shaver Mystery was a bizarre topic of household conversation (probably at cocktail time). Today it’s obscure sci-fi history…though it is now being rediscovered by a new circle of oddity seekers and outsider art buffs (Here and Here – Bill). 


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  1. Jack, I’m sorry I didn’t get back to your sooner. My email is billectric@aol.com

  2. Yes, I would like to hear about it, Kent! If you would post it here as a comment, I will put it on the first page of my blog as a new entry (if that’s okay with you).

  3. Yes Kent, I would very much enjoy hearing about your meeting with Shaver. Jack

  4. I met Shaver in Summit around 1970-71 and wanted to know if anyone would like to hear about it. Kent

  5. It was long ago i sat with Richard in Glendale, Ca, on Broadway Blvd. having dinner discussing various underground subjects. I had been subscribing to Shavertron and The Shaver Mystery Mags in which I submitted a couple reports of my sub-world events back in 1977 in the high sierras near a ski resort. I hope Richard remembers me from that article about the subterranean tunnel boring operator surfacing near my newly built home on a vacant grassy parcel of wooded land. He placed it in Shavertron. but all my collection of a lifetime of effort to acquire a near complete series of The Hidden World, Shavertron and The Shaver mystery magazine and a good helping of Shaver’s Amazing Stories releases were stolen back in 2006 by a man whom I placed great trust and faith. He may still have them in storage but have written him twice with no responses. He lives in Tujunga, Ca. near the area where Anne Druffel wrote her book titled: The Tujunga Canyon Contacts. While living there I must include here that I did observe these ships Anne spoke of going up and , in and out of the Tujunga canyon more than two dozen times towards Mt. Pacifico. There may be a base there.
    Hoping to get the Shaver library returned.

    I will be needing help in releasing my new book soon and wondered if you would like to premier it on your website. Check with Richard first. It’s around 350 pages and jam packed with disc ships i saw at Neubiberg AFB in the nearby forest
    over the railroad tracks back in 1953. I take the reader through the exposure to unexplainable events both in Europe and back on the mainland USA. My dad was a full bird colonel who recanted many incidents to me as years passed by. Some i was present to. My book includes much UFO activity in the high sierras, some Bigfoot encounters and what could only be considered some form of teleportation. I reveal in chapter 18 the acitivities of a UFO cult as an insiders observation of cosmic activities. other chapters includes stolen mil technology, mysterious lunar devices found on Apollo 17 moon walk panorama photos. Interaction with other- worldy beings in Reno, Nv in 2007. and much more.

    Do you have a direct email link?


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