Adrian Dover Hosts a Top-Notch Henry James Salon

Black & white photos are from the movie The Innocents (1961, 20th Century Fox), based on The Turn of the Screw by Henry James.

I’ve discovered a ripping fun new playground!

 It’s a website dedicated to Henry James called The Ladder, created by Adrian Dover. The following is an excerpt from Mr. Dover’s introduction to the site:

“The major part of the contents of  The Ladder comprise electronic ‘editions’ of a selection of Henry James’s works. You can think of these as online versions of the modern paperback editions of literary classics – as well as the text, carefully edited from a single source, there are :

  • textual notes on the source and any amendments required during editing
  • annotations of the text explaining such things as:
  • o references to real persons and places
  • o references to other fiction by James or by earlier writers
  • o translations of foreign phrases
  • o the editor’s comments on occasional points of interest
  • a summary and a detailed (chapter by chapter) synopsis of the plot, so you can easily find passages you remember, by what happens
  • a brief introduction, suggesting a possible reading or just a good reason to read
  • a bibliography including original publications, subsequent reprints”

I highly recommend this site!

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