World-Wide Weird

Horia Ursu, also known as the Big Bad Bear, was guest blogger at Ecstatic Days (what a great name for a blog) this past week. The Bear is one of Jeff Vandermeer’s Romanian editors. He is active in the Romanian literary community and runs the Millennium Press. I hope he doesn’t mind that I used a portion of one of his photographs in my latest collage (above). He took the group shot of (left to right) Bogdan Hrib, Ann VanderMeer, Mike Haulica, Jeff VanderMeer, and Marius Dimitriu in Romania. For more good pictures and interesting information, check out Ecstatic Days.

I think it’s very cool that Jeff’s work is published internationally. This is especially exciting to me because I hope one day to travel to Hamburg, Germany to visit Erni Bar, who translated my book, Time Adjusters, into German.


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