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Bill Ectric in Lint the Movie starring Alan Moore, Stewart Lee, Josie Long, Steve Aylett, Robin Ince, Jeff Vandermeer, D Harlan Wilson, Andrew O'Neill, Vessel (Mister Solo/David Devant), Bill Ectric, Mitzi Szereto, Spencer Pate, Mo Ali and others, LINT THE MOVIE documents the life and work of cult SF author and philosopher Jeff Lint, creator of some of the strangest and most inconvenient works of the 20th century.
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Bill Ectric says he writes to “erase the line between mysticism and science,” often citing the 16th Century alchemists’ innate sense that one element could be changed into another element; finally proven in a particle accelerator in Switzerland in the late 20th Century.

Bill likes mystery, humor, paranormal, gothic, science fiction, and metafiction so he combines those elements in his own writing. Not usually all at once.

Sometimes known as Bill Ectric King, he has written or cowritten, edited and published, seven books. His short stories, essays, and articles have appeared in other people’s books and periodicals, including volumes five and eight of the critically acclaimed Emanations literary anthology series, with the work of over sixty writers and artists from around the world. Bill’s interview with orchestral music composer/Beat icon David Amram is featured in the book Beats in Time: A Literary Generations Legacy (Literary Kicks, 2011).

Bill has a master’s degree in English from the University of North Florida. The first review of Fighting Monsters, by Jim Matthews, was written by Bill and published in the UNF Spinnaker.

Above: Spring 2023 – Beautiful Monsters: UNF Hybrid Poetry Graduate Showcase, intermingling poetry, lyric prose, and visual art to question monstrosity, identity, humanity, and everything in between. Artists: Julia Croston, Heriberto Cruz, Sera-Ann Hargrove, Jack Henry, Bill Ectric King, Abby Nott, and Joshua Smith.

Billectric was up next, and kept everyone laughing with his tale of ‘How I Found LitKicks.’ His wry delivery and honest smile added such a personality to this performance…he clutched a bizarre looking flower as he read, reminiscent of a “Laugh-In” Henry Gibson character. He followed up by performing his own arrangement of Shakespeare’s 18th Sonnet, which he dedicated to Doreen Perry and Litnrod (Clay January). As Bill sang and strummed the guitar, we got to see what a truly versatile performer he really was.” – Caryn Thurman, 2002