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Here’s a good article on reading Haruki Murakami from the Book Oblivion bog, written by Jessica Manuel.

Murakami is one of the most popular and respected contemporary authors. Reading him is an art and this is the best reading order for his mind-bending works.

I always try to incorporate one of his novels or short stories into my syllabus when teaching. One taste and my students are hooked. After that first exposure, they almost always ask what to read next. And even though you can’t really go wrong, I will suggest what I think would work best for most readers. Each of his novels stand alone, but some work together quite well. Those groups of novels I have listed are what I like to see read in the same general time frame.

These five are my favorite works of Haruki Murakami because of the way they deal with the unconscious. In each work, the lives of the characters are completely altered because of dreams, memories, nostalgia, or other manifestations of the unconscious. It reminds the reader how powerful the mind is, and I’ve remained convinced of this since my first reading of Hard-Boiled Wonderland and the End of the World.

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