The Art of Jae Lee

Art by Jae Lee from "The Illustrated Dracula"
Art by Jae Lee from “The Illustrated Dracula”

From Why Not: A Blog, James Jones discusses the art of Jae Lee:

“His work is decorative, minimal intricate, detailed and refined. The work in many ways is a genre unto itself. Artist/Illustrator Jae lee is the elegance among the utilitarian, the poetry among the mundane. lee is best known for his still bourgeoning career as a graphic story-teller for Marvel and DC comics. His assignments consist of the “special” and the “heavy-weight” projects. Marvel’s adaptation of the Stephen King series “The Dark Tower” went to lee and it is to date is his most powerful achievement. The panels are rich with substance, alluring and visceral to an extreme.” 

Dark Tower art by Jae Lee
Dark Tower art by Jae Lee

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