The Golden Notebook Project

This is the kind of thing Bill Ectric’s Place was originally created for and I’m happy to have stumbled upon it like a treasure hidden right under my nose (which is almost always how it happens with me). From Doris Lessing, A Retrospective , here is The Golden Notebook Project,  in which seven women are reading the The Golden Notebook (1962, Simon and Schuster)  and conducting a conversation in the margins. The book text is also available online for anyone to read. 

Yesterday I  finished reading The Harvard Psychedelic Club , by Don Lattin, and I’m waiting for notification from the library that the three Madeleine L’Engle books I requested are ready for pick-up. I wanted something to read during breaks at work, so I asked the psychic forces to guide my hand as it hovered in front of the bookshelf. 

“What’ll it be today?” I asked. “Ahh, the little Ecclesiastes booklet from the Grove Press Pocket Canons Books of the Bible  series.”

I really like Ecclesiastes because it speaks from a very down-to-earth, human point of view, with a shade of Zen-like wisdom. This particular volume includes an introduction by Doris Lessing. I’d read the introduction by before, but today I decided to learn more about Doris Lessing, and here I am, all excited about what I found.

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