Out There: Past, Present, and Future

Michael Covey with his granddaughter Kenzi, his daughter Cathy, their neighbor Shyleaha and their neighbor’s friend whose name I will include as soon as they tell me what it is.

I’ve only read excerpts from Mikael Covey’s new novel, Out There, but what I’ve read, I like a lot. The fantastic cover alone is going to sell some books. As many hours of work as I put into designing covers, I look at this one and well, I’m almost jealous. But not really, because even though I haven’t met him in person, I consider Mikael Covey is a good friend and a nice guy. We’re both waiting for a fresh shipment of our books from the printers, and when they arrive,  I’m trading a copy of my book, Tamper, to Mike for a copy of his book, Out There

A reviewer on Amazon. com known simply as A Reader, London, says this about the book: 

“About halfway through Mikael Covey’s ‘Out There’ an astonishing moment occurs. The young narrator, a boy at that difficult, exciting time of life when the simplicities of childhood have fallen away but are yet to be replaced by the greater, even more exigent simplicities of the adult world, has lost his way in a snowstorm and is in serious danger of freezing to death, `frozen in time and space’ in the middle of a Nebraska winter. His rescue comes in a manner that is at once so unlikely and yet so utterly natural that a perfect little apotheosis is created, lifting the book onto a plain of truly spiritual beauty. That one can use such a phrase as `spiritual beauty’ in connection with a novel at all is something of a rarity, and should give the reader some idea of the richness hiding inside this deceptively simple tale of sex, drugs and rock and roll in the `70’s.”

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