Bill’s Place is always open for the Crawfish of Love

No one knew what to think when we first saw a band called “Crawfish of Love.” The stage was strewn with surreal artwork, a manikin head, some TV sets all turned on to different channels, guitar amplifiers, drums, and five musicians that looked like they were conspiring mischief among themselves.

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They were top-notch musicians, at various times collaborating with such Haight Ashbury luminaries as Gary Duncan of Quicksilver Messenger Service, David LaFlamme of It’s A Beautiful Day, and Sam Andrew of Big Brother and the Holding Company. But they also did weird stuff – how can I describe it? Between covers of Minor Swing by Django Reinhardt or I’ll Sleep When I”m Dead by Warren Zevon, the the Crawfish sprang songs on us about a living inside of a green bell pepper, or the Creature From the Black Lagoon looming toward you on Little Talbot Island, or “singing through bread” with actual slices of bread onstage to sing through.

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 Click HERE for Bill’s Interview with Crawfish leader David Roberts

2 responses to “Bill’s Place is always open for the Crawfish of Love”

  1. Mitch, thanks for reading, I appreciate it,
    All I have now is Dave’s MySpace link (where he calls himself “The Gull” along with Scott Sisson (“sis”). You can email him from there:

    And here are some other guys you might know:

  2. I remember Pat Ogilvie and his brother Mike and also David Roberts. We all lived on the Northside of Jacksonville and played in bands back in 1968.

    I would sure like to see those guys again and talk about old times.

    Can’t seemto find any contact info on the web anywhere?

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